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Wednesday, November 25th, 2009
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Yep, here it is, Wednesday, and I realized I didn’t give you a frenzied Friday family update nor my typical writing-related Monday blog. So, here’s an atypical Wednesday update instead.

The screaming in my head started on Friday, when the knowledge that the kids would be home 24/7 for NINE days straight, sank in. Now, as day 5 dawns, I realize it hasn’t been that bad. The weekend was relatively “normal”, the kinderboys had their last soccer game and then spent the rest of the weekend puttering/shopping/doing family stuff. Monday was a tougher proposition as I didn’t have anything firm planned to do. The boys got up before 6 am…which meant we all got up over an hour before we had to and everyone was miserable (especially me). By 9 am, I’d had it with attitude and sent Kinderboy#1 back to bed. Peace reigned until noon when I picked up lunch from their favorite fast food joint (bet I don’t have to tell you what that is – hint, it starts with an M and serves burgers & fries) then roused him out of bed. He was in a much better mood for the rest of the day (big smile). Amazing what a little sleep will do.

Tuesday, Drama Teen needed some medical lab work performed. By the time she rolled out of bed and we got going, it was nearly noon. So, after an hour of waiting in a stuffy room with hungry and antsy boys, her blood was drawn and then we ate lunch out, and got home after 2 pm. It was a warm afternoon and the entire neighborhood seemed to be outside playing. Drama Teen sat on her favorite rock in the front yard re-reading Twilight and the boys played with their friends. As for me…I snuck off and took a short nap. Again, amazing what a little sleep will do!

Today, I’ve got my act together. We’ll be hanging around the house this morning and already the video game wars are in full force. I laid in a supply of personal-sized pizzas at the grocery store last night for our lunch. This afternoon, we’ll be heading off to see Planet 51, not to return until it’s almost time for dinner. Thursday is taken care of with cooking and then traveling to my brother-in-law’s for Turkey Day dinner and lots of family & fun. Friday, I’ll just have to play by ear. Hopefully, it’s another nice day and I can just toss the kids out into the yard.

However, I can see that I’m going to have to have a better game plan over the Christmas holidays.

Now that the screaming in my head has abated somewhat, I’ll confess that I’ve managed to do an amazing amount of writing amidst the chaos. Monday, while the kids “hung out” in their jammies playing video games and watching the boob tube, I banged out over 3K on the epilogue of the ghost story I’m revising. I’m doing something different with this part of the book. I’m calling it an epilogue…leading the reader to believe that the story is in the bag at the end of the previous chapter. Then, wham…I’m heating it up again for the REAL climax. I just have to finish this scene and type The End. Then, edit & polish the epilogue, make sure there’s no inconsistencies, and do a final spell check, etc. before I submit it. The great thing is that it’s now 80K, which opens up a couple more markets for the book (fingers crossed)

Here’s wishing you a happy Turkey Day (if you are here in the states and celebrate), if not, have a great rest of the week and weekend!


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