Ericka Scott

The Secret of StormClyffe

Lyrical Press, Inc. • July 24, 2013
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The answers in this mystery might just be worth living for…

After the devastating death of her child at the hands of her estranged husband, Raine Dawson decides to end her suffering. In the Northern California town of Storm, she solicits the aid of a physician who performs euthanasia. He agrees to help her on two conditions: She must wait twenty-four hours, and she has to spend the night in StormClyffe House. Catch is, she has to pretend to be a journalist investigating the fifty-year-old disappearance of 1960’s rock star Jerry Marks and his family.

Out of options, Raine agrees. During her fake investigation she encounters two gorgeous men. One is a taciturn property manager and the other is the charming grandson of the missing man. Raine finds herself falling, as always, for the man with a troubled past and a painful secret. Good thing she’s not long for this world, because that man is not only sex on a stick but trouble to boot.

The closer Raine she gets to the solution of the mystery, the less interested she is in dying. Unfortunately, the person behind the fifty-year-old murders has no intention of letting her live.