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Sick and Tired
Friday, November 13th, 2009
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Not of anything in particular. Just literally sick with a head cold and tired. I’ve managed to sneak off for a lie-down every day this week thanks to the kindness of Mr. Scott and Drama Teen. Thank goodness is was a short week, what with Veterans Day plunked right in the middle of it.

Winter seems to be right around the corner (finally) here in the high desert. We’ve been having a gorgeous Indian Summer, but I’m in the mood for some winter comfort in the form of lasagna, roasts, beef stew, etc. Hopefully, this upcoming weekend I can shove an angry pot roast (cross rib roast) into the oven and cook it all day long. I may even fire up the bread machine for some lovely crusty rolls, and if my cold allows, may even attempt to make a Yorkshire pudding. When I was a child, nothing on earth could have induced me to even try a bite of one of my mom’s specialty “puddings” – which to me meant chocolate and vanilla sweet creamy stuff, not a puffy bowl of pastry. Now, I think I could survive on Yorkshire pudding…given enough gravy to eat it with.

I’m sure none of the Scott children will even take a nibble of the Yorkshire pudding. Well, take that back, Kinderboy#1 might. He’s our adventuresome eater. The other two, Drama Teen especially, are picky eaters.
Kinderboy#2 will eat chicken nuggets, sausages, meatballs, yogurt, and the requisite peanut butter and jelly. That’s about it. Oh, and french fries….mustn’t forget those.

Drama Teen is our expensive protein eater. She isn’t fond of pork, chicken, or beef. Dish up crab legs, shrimp, lobster, salmon, and most fish and she’ll dig right in. She’s become more open to trying new foods since she’s gotten bitten by the cooking bug. If I can drag myself off my deathbed to get to the grocery store today, we’ll be having Indian curry tonight, compliments of Drama Teen. She watches Gordon Ramsey’s F word and Kitchen Nightmares faithfully and asked for one of his cookbooks for Christmas. I’m hoping she’ll throw in a side of curried scallops along with our Chicken Tikka Masala and Shrimp Korma, tonight. Can I say how much I love this child’s cooking?

Lest you think this post is only about food, I’ll drag in that we have our last two soccer games upcoming. It’s going to miserable out there now that the weather has turned cold. Most of our games have been at either 8:30 am (misery) or 9:15 am (slight less unpleasant). My preference was the 10:30 games, but I didn’t make the schedule (sigh). Tomorrow’s game is at 9:15, so we’ll be out there freezing butt. Someone who’ll also be out there in the cold is Drama Teen, who has a fund-raising car wash tomorrow. She has to be to the High School at 8:30 am to squirt cold water at cars. Can we all say “Brrrrr”

Next week is a full week of school and then the school district has “generously” given the kids a WHOLE week off for Thanksgiving (can you hearing me screaming????)– sigh. So, I’d best be off and write while the house is quiet.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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