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A Frenzied Friday Family Update….
Saturday, November 28th, 2009
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Well, I survived the week…barely. The only thing holding me together is the thought that this was just a dress rehearsal for the Christmas Holidays. THREE full weeks of kids, kids, kids (can you hear me screaming?). I need a game plan and I need one fast. Too bad I’m too busy with laundry, cooking and writing to be able to dedicate brain cells to an event so far in the future.

Thanksgiving Day. It’s my favorite holiday…no expectation of gifts, just food, food, and more food. It’s also nice that we were able to go to my brother-in-laws where my kidlets played with their kidlets and for the most part didn’t destroy anything major (although some limes gave their juice up in the name of fun) and no one got hurt (well, Kinderboy#1 fell off the top of the play car…his “I’m really having fun and not writhing on the ground in pain” laugh didn’t sound too authentic, but since he was back up on top of the car within minutes, I figured it wasn’t serious). Kinderboy#2, Mr. Picky Eater himself, gorged himself silly on tortilla chips and soda. I didn’t put the kibosh on his feeding frenzy as I’d fed him a PB&J sandwich before we came (to get some actual food into him) and he actually ate a huge serving of apple/yam bake and didn’t catch on that the orange bits weren’t apple! Perhaps there is hope for him yet.

I’ve also planned a repeat of turkey Day on Sunday, as I absolutely must have leftover turkey. I love my sister-in-law’s cooking, just not her turkey. Each year, she experiments with something to dress up the bird. One year it was lemon-pepper & barbecue, this year, it was stewed tomatoes. I enjoy the adventure, but I crave the traditional. That roasted bird may be boring but I totally live for cold turkey sandwiches the week AFTER Thanksgiving. That’s one of the bad things about going out for Thanksgiving feast…I don’t feel as if I can be a total pig and steal all the leftovers. No, I feel compelled to be polite and not fight over that last piece of pumpkin cheesecake (although I so totally wanted it…and all the stuffing, and…and…and). So, this weekend, we’ll be doing the feasting all over again. Yum.

Today was Black Friday. I didn’t go shopping. Mr. Scott, in his infinite wisdom, scheduled Drama Teen’s follow-up CT scan on a day when no one in the neighborhood was home to babysit the Kinderboys — they were shopping!. To his credit, he managed to come down with the cold & cough from Hell and had to stay home from work sick. Gleefully, I stuck him with the boys and took Drama Teen to her appointment. As I pulled into the Imaging Center parking lot, I was amazed. There was a total of maybe 20 cars there. I’ve never seen it so empty! The staff was pleasant, underworked, and smiling. I’ve decided that next year, I’m scheduling ALL of our appointments on Black Friday (okay, maybe not all of them, but I’m going to try to work at least one in).

Which brings me to my wrap up. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. The Scott family has a ton to be thankful for. Drama Teen’s health, the Kinderboys as not only the bestest adopted kids in the world but also the most entertaining. I cannot imagine my life without them. My life would be boring and much less fulfilling if it wasn’t for them. However, I’ll admit that what I am most Thankful for this week is that soccer ended last week. There is no butt-freezing 8:30 am (who the heck made up the schedule anyway???) game. We can finally go back to my regularly scheduled Saturday sleep-in.

Next week, I hope to be able to report that I’ve finally tippy-tapped THE END on my revised ghost story. It’s coming together, albeit very slowly as the week draws to a close, but I think I’ve got the climax in my head. I just need to get it on paper.

Oh! Maybe I’m not most thankful for the end of soccer as I realized I’m ecstatically thankful that the kids go back to school next week. I’d like to give whoever invented the concept of sending kids to school for a large chunk of hours a great big smooch! (except, call me an ungrateful *itch, I only wish he’d invented school for 6 days instead of just 5).

Happy Leftovers!


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