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Miffed on a Monday…
Monday, October 18th, 2010
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On Friday, we had an electrician come in to do some rewiring of our house (tired of blowing fuses when I used the oven and microwave simultaneously) — we also wanted a gas line relocated so that our new stove would sit flush with the wall. Anyhow, he cut a few small holes in the wall — 4×6 max. Very neat, very thorough. I was tickled with the work, cleaned up the kitchen and started putting it back together.

My husband neglected to tell me that on Saturday, a guy was to come in and fix those few small holes. So, I took the kitchen apart again. The evil drywall guy started on one at 9 am…at noon, he’s still hovering over the same spot on one the wall. Steam began to huff out of my ears when I found out that I’d have to miss my boys’ soccer game to babysit the man. He moved on to another hole and I had my hopes up that by the end of the day, he would be gone and I could put my kitchen back together. As he’s leaving at 4 pm (after fixing 4 very small holes!), he informs me that he has to come back on Sunday to give it a second coat, spackle, & texture, then will finish up on MONDAY to paint. We gave him until noon Sunday to get the spackle and texture done… if he could paint in that time, fine, if not, we’d do it ourselves.

Now, the guy charged us way less than the going rate….but I would have much rather paid him twice as much and had him move twice as fast. What a putz.

So, Saturday, I got my mad on and couldn’t write, luckily Sunday was an RWA meeting, so I didn’t have to even deal with the guy. He didn’t leave at noon…stretched it out until two and my hubby let him (wouldn’t have happened if I had been home)…so all the shopping and errands that needed to be done over the weekend, didn’t get done. I’m still struggling with my mad and have this HUGE black cloud floating over my head. However, I have edits to do for my short story, so I need to get over it.

Edits, you ask?

Yep, Cursed for Christmas was accepted by Evernight Publishing (SQUEEEEE!), but has been renamed to The Christmas Curse and I already have edits to review and incorporate.

I just wish I could throw off my mad so I could enjoy rolling up my sleeves and throwing myself back into the throes of the publishing world.

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