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Happy Boxing Day!
Saturday, December 26th, 2009
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Well, despite my worries and fears, Santa stopped by our home and dropped off many, many gifts for the kinderboys and Drama Teen. The tree was ransacked by 7:30 am and then breakfast of french toast made with eggnog was consumed (yum). Company arrived at 11 am and my uber-wonderful hubby took all the kids to a faraway park so that I could clean up the first round of Christmas debris and gird my loins for the cookie and pizza frenzy that was to ensue in the afternoon. Have I told you how much I truly love that man?

The kids arrived back at the house not long after I had an emergency run to the store for more pizza fixings (a surprise guest and long-time friend of the family is Jewish and needed veggies instead of the pork that sustains the pizza industry (ham, pepperoni, and sausage). Albertsons was closed but luckily Rite-Aid was open. They must have known I was coming for a few cans of diced tomatoes, sliced pineapple, and mushrooms were kicking back on a dusty shelf in their convenience food aisle. I’m also glad to know that I wasn’t the only person with a Christmas emergency…there were lots of folks clogging the beer aisle.

Back at home, cookie decorating was a multicolored sugar delight (I’m sure I’ll still find sprinkles in my drawers and on the floor for months to come) and although the pizzas came out of the oven staggered and everyone ate at different times, I think it will always be remembered as the “Pizza Christmas”.

My husband joked this morning that he’s glad I had my nervous breakdown on Christmas Eve and not Christmas Day. I can finally laugh about it to.

And maybe I wasn’t so naughty after all…I got a request for a partial from one of my dream publishers! I’m off to ship them five chapters and then chew my nails into the new year.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, or if you don’t celebrate, have a fantabulous weekend!

Ho, ho, ho!


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