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Update from All Writers – All Weekend
Saturday, May 2nd, 2009
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I’m here at my first writers conference. Its All Writers – All Weekend hosted by the Silicon Valley RWA. Last night was the agent panel. Scott Eagan, Laurie McLean, and Laura Bradform presented what’s hot (and what’s not) and took questions. They also judged a first line contest. The best part of their presentation was a bit of news. Despite the recession, Romance is SELLING…big time. So, if you have a finished manuscript, get it polished up and submitted…now is the time!

Afterwards, we broke up into a no-host dinner. I went to a Malaysian restaurant (The Banana Leaf) with a small group of writers. What a blast. To sit and steep in conversation all about writing, the business, the struggle…it was inspiring.

Today, we have speakers, a book signing, and I’m pitching to one of the agents. It’ll be my first ptich session and I’m doing it off the cuff, so wish me luck!

Oh, on another note, I bought my first audio book for the drive up here (5 hours). Wow…I don’t often get to listen to anything I like in the car, but audiobooks are wonderful. Time just flew by…too bad I only had time to upload part 1 to my IPOD…so I’ll only have 2 hours left of the book for the drive home. Sigh.

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