Ericka Scott

Monday, August 25th, 2008
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Back when I used to work outside the home, I would have huge bouts of insomnia on Sunday nights as I mentally prepared myself for the week ahead. Well, it’s 2:40 am, and I’m awake. This time it isn’t work that’s keeping the sand man away. Instead, it’s my daughter’s surgery, scheduled for 7:30, just a few short hours away. It doesn’t help that we have to be at the hospital at 4:45 am! Or that my ex-husband flew in for the surgery.

I’m glad he did, for my daughter’s sake. He hasn’t played a very big role in her life since he left when she was two years old. It doesn’t help that he lives, literally, across the country now. So, visits are limited to a few weeks in the summer and occasional holidays. But, on this momentous occasion, I don’t want to share her.

But, I’ve tried to put myself in his shoes. That’s what authors do, right? They look at things from other people’s perspectives. And I’m being graceful and letting them have this time together. Although she’s just a block away right now and I’ll see her in just a few hours… anyway, you get the picture.

So, wish us luck and send lots of positive thoughts and prayers in our direction today if you get a chance. Thanks!

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