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Much Ado about Nothing….
Tuesday, August 26th, 2008
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A Really Expensive Dress Rehearsal.

We showed up at the hospital on time and ready for the day at 4:45. My daughter was upbeat and optimistic, albeit sleepy.

By 7:30, she was IV’d and valiumed and ready to go.

At 10:00, we got a call down in the waiting room asking if Ashley was allergic to aspirin. Um…haven’t a clue. Since you aren’t supposed to give children aspirin, I never have. She’s had Tylenol and Motrin…but even at 14, no aspirin.

Well, seems she’d had an allergic reaction to something. Surgery was immediately stopped…The success of the bypass depends on her continuing to take aspirin after the surgery. So…since we don’t know the answer to whether she is allergic to aspirin or not, we now start another round of testing with an immunologist . There is no simple test, no blood test for this common allergy. So, now we are once again in a holding pattern waiting for yet another insurance referral and an appointment.

Like jugglers with plates balanced precariously in the air, we watched as they one by one fell down and shattered. My daughter cried when she found out…we all did.

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