Ericka Scott

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

I’ve been reading a lot recently about how important “branding” is to an author.

And, I really didn’t have much more than a cute phrase “Making Mischief with Ericka Scott”

My original website was very erotic. . .but I don’t write erotica, I write paranormal suspense with erotic elements. . . so, I started surfing the web last night. You know how that can be. I was looking for an image that I thought summed up “making mischief” and found lots of elf/pixie prints. Well, close, but not quite. Then I stumbled upon Enchanting Designs. The main picture took my breath away.

So, for many happy hours (instead of writing), I updated my website. I really like the look and feel of my new home(and the best part is it was a free template!).

Some of the pages (like the reviews where I have none, and the links) still need work. I’ve decided I want to do banner links if at all possible. So, over the next few weeks, I’ll be scouting out banners and updating that page.

But, if you have a chance, take a peek, tell me what you think. Oh, and if you find a link that doesn’t seem to work, let me know!

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