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Beyond the Grave
Thursday, April 19th, 2012
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Given the success of many other authors, I, too, have dipped my toes into the self-publishing waters. I’m going through some of my out-of-print manuscripts, giving them a spit and polish (new covers and another editing pass). Today, I worked on combining two of my favorite stories, Postcards from the Dead and Phone Calls from the Dead. They will be released under one cover titled Beyond the Grave. Today, I worked on the cover and have to say that I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.

In these two linked novellas, sisters Cassandra Moore and Rosalie Hopkins are led to find love again through messages from beyond the grave.

Postcards from the Dead

The dead don’t speak to her; they send her postcards.

When Cassandra Moore receives a cryptic postcard from her dead husband, Drew Brinkman offers to help her discover the meaning of the postcard. But she doesn’t know he’s an investigative reporter out to prove the ghostly postcards are fakes.

Cassandra Moore is the personal property supervisor at the coroner’s office in charge of giving the decedents’ possessions back to the grieving families. She’s often also able to give them other information. For she receives postcards sent by dead residents of the morgue. Drew Brinkman is a journalist for The Chronicle. Given the assignment of reporting the historical facts of the ghosts of Crescent Cove for the Halloween edition, Drew decides to give the old story a new twist. He’s going to lay those ghosts to rest once and for all, starting with the ones sending postcards from the morgue.

Phone Calls from the Dead

When Rosalie Hopkins receives a mysterious phone call from her missing ex-fiance, she suspects he is trying to contact her from beyond the grave. But can she prove it?

Left standing at the altar, Rosalie has a myriad of reasons to forget her ex-fiance, Kyle Clayton. The evidence says he’s still alive, but her heart tells her something different. Just as she starts a new job, she receives a mysterious phone call…from Kyle. After a series of coincidences remind her of him, she realizes she needs to find him to forget him. And who best to help her with that than the oh-so-sexy private investigator, Tavon Williams?

Tavon Williams has a dark secret. He was one of the last people to see Kyle simply because he was hired to investigate him. After tailing Kyle over a period of months, Tavon had discovered two things. One, Kyle was cheating on his fiancée. And two, Tavon had fallen in love with Rosalie. After Kyle disappeared, Tavon ignored his instincts and let the case drop — for Rosalie’s sake. She deserved a man who loved and cherished her, not Kyle, and certainly not Tavon himself! Then, a chance encounter with her makes him rethink his decision, but before he can come clean to Rosalie, the case takes an interesting turn. Someone breaks into his apartment, plants listening devices, and steals Kyle’s file. Although that isn’t enough to open the case again, something else is. A phone call from Kyle himself…

Beyond the Grave should be available for Kindle within a day or so.

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