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Whoosh – the sound of a week flying by
Saturday, May 8th, 2010
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I survived nearly two weeks of minimum days at school with the kids home before noon. In revenge, I set off early Friday morning to our local community services district office and signed them up for Summer Camp. It’s my birthday gift to myself — 5 Weeks of Virtual Freedom! Woot!

Despite it being a short day, homework for Drama Teen continued in an avalanche. I simply do not remember having this much homework when I went to school. Even the Kinderboys have homework packages that are far more involved than Drama Teen’s were 10 years ago.

I’m playing around a bit with time management — working first, playing later. Yeah, I know…it should be intuitive, but I’m a procrastinator. Oh, I sit my butt in the chair, but find that I want to “ease into” my writing by reading e-mail, reading blogs, (muttered — playing games on Facebook), before I type the first word. I’ve thought that jumping straight into my document would be like bellyflopping into that really cold pool. To my surprise, it’s not. Once I get a few words typed, I’m hooked and back to walking the streets of 1849 Baltimore.

Unfortunately, with only a short 3 hours to write (and I’m a slow writer), lots of other duties (housework, critiquing, and those Facebook games) languished. So, I’m left with lots of pressing questions…Will all the kids go to school every day next week? Will I be able to finish the second draft of Nevermore? Why is it that my ideal Mother’s Day is a day without children? and most importantly, Will the laundry never end? LOL.

Stay tuned for any and all answers. In the meantime, Happy Mother’s Day!

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