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Friday, April 23rd, 2010
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Wow, this week has shot by in a blur. Seems like just yesterday it was Monday and I had hours and hours and hours of freedom from tiny tyrants. Now, it’s down to just a few hours to get redlines incorporated, edit a few more pages, and get ready for “Mom, can I…” “Mom?” “Mom” “Mom”…I swear, there are days when I want to change my name.

It’s especially depressing when the upcoming week is State Testing at the school. Minimum days (home by noon) and yet another excuse for the school district to not teach our children anything. What, you say. Testing is necessary, blah, blah, blah.

Testing, I say, is a waste.

Case in point…I have two kindergartners. All next week is “testing”…there is no flipping way my kids are going to be tested for 3.5 hours each day on kindergarten lessons. Instead, they will test for part of the day, watch movies for an hour or so, and maybe do a lesson or two. For Kinderboy#2, school comes easy. He was almost ready for first grade the day he stepped into the classroom back in August. For Kinderboy#1, he’ll be lucky if he even completes the testing he is supposed to do. Not so much because he can’t, but because without the proper motivation (rewards of toys and candy), he won’t want to. I’ve heard the treasure boxes are fully stocked in preparation, so I have my fingers crossed he’s in a cooperative mood next week.

Then there is Drama Teen. School has never come easy for her. She has some ADD issues that have been around since her kindergarten days. And as for math…well, I still count on my fingers and she inherited her math skills from me. Need I say more? She “tests” dismally…so although she can maintain A’s and B’s in any class except math, I’m sure her State testing won’t reflect that. So, what sort of information is that going to give the bureaucrats in Sacramento? Nothing definitive, that’s for sure.

If, as I suspect, there will be little to no teaching/homework at the high school level next week, I have a devious plan to get some writing done and get away from my children for a few hours. I’m going to hire Drama Teen’s friend and have them co-babysit the boys while I sneak off to the library and/or Panera Bread for an hour or three at least 3 days next week. It’s the only way I can think of to preserve my sanity because, oh, did I forget to tell you…the week after next is parent/teacher conferences and guess what…MINIMUM DAYS most of that week too! ACK!!!

Jeez…I wish it was Monday, last Monday….

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