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Friday already????
Friday, February 26th, 2010
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It’s been a crazy, crazy week. Monday was pretty typical. The kids went to school, everything was great. Then, Tuesday came.

Drama Teen had a follow up angiogram at Loma Linda to evaluate her aneurysm. Is it blocked (fingers crossed that it is), has any titanium shifted (fingers crossed that it hasn’t). When we were all caught up in the aneurysm scare, I looked at the angiogram as a blessing. It was a way to get a glimpse in there and find out what was needed to fix that bulging vessel. So, I’ve been amazed at my reaction to this last (hopefully last forever) angiogram.

It was at a new hospital (Loma Linda versus UCLA) although our beloved neurosurgeon, Dr. Nestor Gonzales, was in contact with the doctor performing it. It also took all freaking day. The appt was to have been at 10:30 but she didn’t go in for the procedure until 1:30, was out at 3:30. I was prepared for a 5-hour lay flat period. Mr. Wonderful called at 6:30 saying they were being released (can you hear the screetching brake sound I made?) They pierced the femoral artery and they are letting her go now????

After some checking, we discovered that they were using a new type of seal for the artery. I made the mistake of Googling it. Damn scary. Now, I’m sure that the old sandbag/lay flat method is just as dangerous, but I hadn’t googled that and didn’t know. So, Damn!

They got back late and she was white as a sheet. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well at that night. I think I was up every half hour alternating with Mr. Wonderful, also up every half hour. That she got any sleep was a wonder. We also weren’t prepared for the pain of this new closure. Before, it looked awful (bruising up the wazoo) but it didn’t hurt. This Angio Seal hurts. So, instead of a quick recovery (used to be a couple of days of laying around and then she’d forget about the procedure)….she’s been down for the count. Bruising, swelling, and general malaise. Instead of an decreased recovery time, it’s been days longer. Yeah, it’s great for the hospital. They get the patients “out” in a few hours instead of most of the day…however, the recovery time just gets pushed off onto the patient at home.

On Wednesday, Kinderboy#1 went to school and immediately came home with pink eye. I don’t know if I just didn’t notice the crusty eye because my own eyes were barely open or what. The drops have cleared it up noticeably and he went back to school on Thursday.

Yesterday, Kinderboy#2 got off the bus with his performance slip. He gets one every day that gives me an accounting of how good (or bad) he was at school. Oddly, a red pen had marked a “not good/not bad” block stating that he’d had trouble listening and had interrupted the class. But, the “Excellent” box had also been checked. Hmmmmm. Interrogation by me elicited that Kinderboy#1 had been coerced into marking that block for Kinder#2. Shouldn’t that mean that Kinder#1 would get in trouble. Um, no… So, after an hour or so of crying and saying “sorry”, I’m pretty sure Kinderboy#2 won’t be pulling that stunt again.

As for me…I’m gonna be glad when it’s Monday and they all go back to school, especially as it’s going to rain most of the weekend and I’ve still got a bit to go on polishing up my work in progress. I’m still loving the story and I’m going to be a bit sorry to see it go. I’d be sad, but I know that I’ll fall deeply in love with the next one, too, and I’m just a bit excited that I’ll be meeting it soon.

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