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Friday Fiasco…
Friday, January 8th, 2010
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Horror, upon horror – the ice cream truck didn’t meander through our neighborhood today. I know. Most of the country is buried in snow and freezing temperatures; however, here in the high desert, it’s sunny and warm. The temperature today topped out around 60. The ice cream man came yesterday…so where, oh where is he today? The kids are driving me nuts, especially kinderboy#2, who’s got the “squeaky wheel gets the grease” syndrome. Sigh. On a bright note, looks like I might be sending daddy and the kid crew to Foster’s Freeze after dinner for ice cream.

It’s been an odd week. Kids went back to school (yay!), had a minimum day on Wednesday (boo!), had one kidlet try out playing sick on Thursday to avoid Math resource (grr~) and now the week has drawn to a close. I’m glad to get back into a routine, although I’m not sure I’m really liking those 5:30 mornings. I flirted with getting up close to six, but on two mornings, I had kidlets out of the bedrooms shortly after six. They must be drawing to a close on a sleep cycle…so, back to 5:30 and having almost an hour to myself in the mornings. I just read e-mail, make lunches, pack backpacks and start breakfast, but I NEED that time to do it ALONE.

I didn’t get much writing done. I started compiling all the information on my books that the webmistress I hired to redesign my website in WordPress needed at the end of *mumble*. What? What month? Clears throat. November. She needed it at the end of November. Bad, bad me. Good thing the holidays threw everything off and she’s of a forgiving nature. Since it seemed as if I were doing “busy work” and not writing, my muse took a few days off to chase cabana boys on her uncharted island in the Pacific. So, I only slogged through 600 words but…yes, there is a but, she arrived back this morning raring to go and left me with two or three additional scenes for my book and the idea to move the falling in love portion of the story until after the kidnapping & rescue… which will work she assures me. So, to celebrate, I finished gathering all that information from the four corners of my office (hard drive) and shipped it off to Frauke at Croco Designs. I still have a critique for a friend to finish but I can write and critique in the same work session (lucky me)… so I’m hoping to make good progress on both over the weekend.

I’ll speed up my post here as it’s about time for me to throw the pizzas in the oven. We were going to have lamb chops (yum!)…but no one but Mr. Scott & I would eat them. So, we’re going to combine those succulent cuts of meat with the baked potato soup Drama Teen is going to whip up tomorrow night. Being as that left me with a blank spot in the week’s menu – I did what I do best. Shop. Good thing the pizzas were on sale.

Speaking of sales, had a fantastic deal on pens a few weeks ago. Being as I was down to having only 5 left of the 300 I’d ordered last year, I splurged a royalty check and placed an order. They came today and are GORGEOUS! If you’d like to take a look at them, leave me a comment with your e-mail address. I’ll gather names and addresses offline and ship out 1 *or 5* to your address (1 for you and 4 to share with your friends/neighbors/strangers on the street). Unfortunately, I have to limit this offer to US residents, sorry!

So, comment away and have a fantabulous weekend! I know I will…I have a date with a library carroll and my Alphasmart tomorrow and a belly dance baby shower on Sunday. I’ll be back on Monday with more zany news from the writing front ~


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