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So starts two weeks of….
Monday, December 21st, 2009
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I’m writing this Monday post on Sunday evening…okay, not evening, but late at night. I’m trying to stay positive about the next two weeks. It’s difficult, but I’m determined not to ruin the Christmas season wondering how I’m going to keep my kids from driving me insane. I’ve planned out some activities (why does that always equal expenses?).

My mom sent our Christmas money early. So, I’ll be using some of it to fund these adventures. The first is tomorrow. We’re going to fabricate inanimate bruins (Build-A-Bear). Believe me, it’s not as if we don’t have enough stuffed animals already, but both boys had asked for Christmas bears on their lists…so we’re off to stuff ’em. We’ll grab lunch at the mall and pick up a few last minute Christmas items. Drama Teen has been angry with her bio dad for what seems like forever. The moment they manage to hit an even patch, he’ll stop calling…then, she thinks he’s mad at her and the next thing you know, she won’t take his calls. I’m counting the days until she’s 18. However, prior to today, she was determined not to buy him a gift, now she’s changed her mind. So, this foray out will give her a chance to pick something up for him…assuming she doesn’t change her mind between now and tomorrow afternoon. Sigh.

Tuesday is tied up in appointments. We’ll be at the dentist first thing in the morning for my daughter to get a couple of cavities filled. Then, in the afternoon, Kinderboy#1 and I have our first counseling session. After reading our questionnaire answers, the psychologist came to the same conclusion we’ve suspected for a while…Reactive Attachment Disorder. For instance, this evening, we all gathered together on the couch to watch The Grinch who stole Christmas (the 1/2 hour cartoon). Kinderboy#1 would have none of sitting on the couch with us to snuggle. Instead, he stood behind the couch, or beside the couch. It breaks my heart that he won’t allow himself to be part of the family, even when it’s obvious that he so wants and needs to be included. Now, after The Grinch, when the “pressure” seemed to be off, he did crawl up on the couch and snuggle with Mr. Scott and Kinderboy#2. I’m hoping that he’s receptive to the therapy and that we come away with some interventions that work for him.

Wednesday, I think we’ll hit the dollar movies and on Thursday, we need to bake another batch of Christmas cookies (a small one this time) for all the kids to decorate on Christmas day. Oh, did I tell you, my brother-in-law and his three kidlets are coming to spend the afternoon. We’ll decorate cookies and do a “make your own pizza” for lunch. I’m looking forward to trying out yet another recipe for stuffed pizza a la Garcia’s Pizza in a Pan. I found a recipe that looks close… Last year’s attempt was tasty but just not quite…so I’ll have to let you know if it works this year. If so, I won’t miss heading to C-U for the holidays quite so much. Yes, I do only go home for the pizza.

I’ve been working on my zombie historical. It’s coming along slowly but surely. In between writing, I’ve been working on the snowflake plotting software. What I’ve come to realize is that I’ve got a fairly strict timeline (my one real historical characters is only in a certain place at a certain time for only so many days)…so as I’m plotting, I’m playing with time. It’s driving me a bit nuts, so I’m trying to not worry about the when, just the what. It doesn’t help that I have a domestic scene to write. It furthers the plot in both characterization and motivation, but I’m having trouble getting into my hero’s head.

Well, it’s closing on midnight, so I’ll wish you all a Merry Christmas! I received a new phone from Santa and if I can figure out how to work the camera in it, you might even get pictures in my Friday post!


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