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Is Christmas really in 2 WEEKS!?!?
Friday, December 11th, 2009
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The Christmas season consistently sneaks up on me, but as I was doing the weekend grocery shopping last night, the clerks says “Can you believe Christmas is in just 2 weeks?” Yikes. Thankfully, I’d hit the mall yesterday and finished up the shopping for boxes that needed to be mailed (Secret Santa and far-away family). Two trips to the post office this morning and everything should be on the ‘sled’ and delivered by Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas…remember the party we all went to last week? It’s a kids’ Christmas party, cookie decorating, crafts, a visit from the jolly old elf himself. Things went really, really, really well for the afternoon — Drama teen decorated one cookie, took her about 1/2 an hour but it was simply gorgeous when she was done. Too bad it was meant to be eaten, which she did so before I could hunt down Mr. Scott and the camera. The boys had a great time playing games (ring tosses, beanie bag tosses…yep, they are boys and were happiest when throwing things). I should have seen the melt-down coming…

Every year we stop by the Burger King on Base to top off our holiday indulgence. There was lots of whining as “meals with toys” are banned in our family from Thanksgiving until well after Christmas. It’s the rule, but those under the age of 7 thought it was unfair and grizzled about it. Too bad. Everyone put in their food order to me (i.e., servant, maid, and pack horse) except Kinderboy#1. He simply didn’t answer, even after being asked three times. This happens quite often, so I’m prepared with the solution. You either don’t get anything OR you get whatever I want to give you.

As I’m placing the order and gathering cups, pandemonium reins behind me. Both kinderboys are crawling up on the steel railings. Mr. Scott summons them down. One obeys, one doesn’t. Any guess as to which one wouldn’t come down? He was finally yelled into submission, but as Mr. Scott turned his back, Kinderboy#1 made as if to climb again. The direst threat possible was made. “If you climb up there, Santa will bring you nothing for Christmas.”

Kinderboy#1 climbed the rail.

We’re still trying to work on a compromise to carry out the threat. All of his advent calendars (the table mat that dials down the days and his red and green paper chain) have been taken down. He’ll get a lump of coal in his stocking. Now, he will get family gifts, because our love is unconditional (too big of a concept for him to grasp now, but maybe one day???).

It’s just all those lovely new unwrapped toys that will be under the tree will be Kinderboy#2’s (unless, he, too, blows it between now and the big day). Of course, who are we kidding? Kinderboy#1 will end up playing with the toys, simply because his brother is such a generous soul, so much so that Kinderboy#2 turned over his table mat to hid the calendar and hasn’t been tearing off his links either…

The whole event rather spoiled the holiday season, but we can’t go back on the threat now. The one good thing that has come out of this (and the scary results of the school psychologist’s report performed as part of Kinderboy#1’s IEP) is that we’ll be heading in for counseling for him (and us). We go next Tuesday.

On a bright note, Drama Teen has her voice recital tonight…although she’s decided to give up voice lessons and dedicate the time to driving lessons (priorities, people…she is 16!). We’ll also be indulging in our own cookie decorating extravaganza this weekend, and finishing up a few odds and ends in the shopping department. Then, I’ll be done….

Well, except for those Christmas cards…guess I’d better get writing!

Have a great weekend!


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