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Frightful Friday
Friday, October 30th, 2009
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Overheard at the boys school Halloween carnival today: “Could you hold my eyeball?”

I volunteered to help at the school today. As a result, I kept my eye on three little guys as they played games and acquired candy (lots of it, as though trick-or-treating tomorrow night won’t be enough). The boys seemed to have fun and the school had the whole event well-organized.

This week has gone by in a bit of a blur. Monday, I interviewed the last housekeeping candidate. Tuesday, I made my decision and hopefully by the end of this upcoming Tuesday, my house will be clean and sparkling.

Tuesday, Drama Teen and I went to the dentist. I’d like to say fun was had by all, but honestly, there were a lot of cavities between us. Needless to say, I’ve become the toothbrush Nazi this week.

Wednesday, Kinderboy #2 went to the dentist. Cavities again abounded. Plus, the poor guy had two adult teeth pushing in behind his baby teeth. The dentist “wiggled” them out (Ouch). As a result, Kinderboy #2 got to miss an entire day of school so that the “sleeping juice” applied to his teeth and jaw wore off. He now thinks that going to the dentist wasn’t so bad after all. In addition, he earned a visit from the tooth fairy. All is well in his world.

Kinderboy#1 had a better week. Of course, he was working toward two goals. The first was to participate in the carnival. The second was to get ice cream from the truck on Friday. He’s still having some academic difficulties, so the school psychologist ran a few “tests”. We haven’t gotten the final results back, but from the preliminary stuff, it looks like he has a fairly significant cognitive learning disability. In a way, it explains why he can spell his name one day and not the next. Of course, I still think there is a liberal dose of contrariness in his system that aids and abets in his “forgetfulness”…but if pulling him out for some special instruction during the week helps, I’m all for it.

Mr. Scott traveled to Las Vegas for a couple of days at the end of the week. I’m sure it was a welcome break for him. Lots of work for me…but that and this entire week has validated my decision to hand in my editing towel. I’m finishing the last couple of books assigned to me and hope to have everything done, done, done by 1 December. Hopefully then I’ll be able to really buckle down and WRITE. I miss my zombies. Of course, with tomorrow being Halloween, I’m sure I’ll have more than a few of them knocking on my door.

We watched The Midnight Meat Train tonight, to help “get us in the mood” for the year’s scariest day. Interesting premise and twist… When we got to the extras and Mahogany (played by Vinnie Jones) was narrating, I was exceptionally glad that he only had one line in the movie. His voice is like dark chocolate, rich and sinful… Although I thought the movie was all about the gore…he created an incredibly deep character just with his presence. Brava.

Tomorrow night, after all the ghouls and ghosties have retired for the evening, we’ll be queuing up The Unborn.

Have a Happy Halloween!


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