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Lesson learned and a close encounter…
Sunday, October 18th, 2009
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This week in review…

Monday started off with one sick Drama t=Teen (not sure she was really sick, although she looked and acted as if she didn’t feel well) and then kinderboy #2 asked to come home from school. He, however, didn’t look or act sick. I brought him home, warning him that there would be no television, no video games, no computer. He would wear pjs and go back to bed…as that’s what sick people did. After a few hours of chasing him back to bed, offering him “sips” of water, because that’s all that sick people could stand to drink, he’d had ENOUGH. Crying and moaning because his tummy was rumbling, he finally admitted that he’d only pretended to be sick as kinderboy#1 insisted that it was fun to stay home sick and kinderboy#2 had to try it out for himself. A deal was struck…kinderboy#2 could put his clothes back on, eat lunch, and head back to school for the last 1.5 hours. He did, and swore he’ll never pretend to be sick again. Well, we’ll see…

The rest of the week passed fairly uneventfully. Wednesday was a teacher-conference day so there was no school (we have another one this week, what the heck is that about????). We went to see G-Force, which was actually quite entertaining.

Thursday, Drama Teen had a close encounter with a fetal pig in Physical Science. It was already dissected, they just had to identify, draw, and learn the parts. The smell of formaldehyde (or whatever they preserve in these days) got to her, but to her credit, she stuck out the rest of the day. However, she’s now a semi-confirmed vegetarian. While shopping at the store, I picked up veggie bacon and texturized vegetable ground “meat”. Honestly, the bacon really isn’t bad. Expensive but tasty. We’ll be using the meat for spaghetti later this week. I did note that “vegetarian” didn’t deter her from picking out scallops to eat for dinner tonight. Although I’ll agree that seafood looks nothing like pig.

Kinderboy #1 had a decent week until Saturday at the Edwards AFB air show. If you were there and saw a family pretty much dragging a kicking and screaming child out through the gates, that was us. He’s six, but like a two-year-old, no was his favorite word yesterday and nothing, nothing, nothing would do. He didn’t want to go to the air show, didn’t want what anyone else had for snack, and most of all, didn’t want the same souvenir as everyone else got. Well, sorry. We had six kids with our group. They all got the same thing. Period. Either that or we knew it would be fights and fits all the way home. I bought him a souvenir, but he didn’t want it and tried to throw it away. I fished it out while he wasn’t looking and tucked it in my purse. Then, when all the planes had flown over and it was time to pack up and leave, he didn’t want to go. Sigh. As soon as we got home, another fit ensued because everyone was playing with their toy airplanes and he didn’t have one. When I pulled out his…he didn’t even say thanks. Grrr. Contrary little cuss.

All in all, it was a pretty good week and I’m looking forward to next (with the exception of that silly conference day on Wednesday…sigh). Hope you all have a good one, too!


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