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A letter to my muse
Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
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Dear Ms. Muse –

I haven’t complained (much) about your flighty attitude, the way you pitch ideas to me in the shower when I have no paper to write them down, or how you tend to throw not one story premise at me, but sometimes three at a time. But you’ve gone too far this time, Missy.

You pitched two story ideas at me and then dashed off to a tropical island, which was bad enough. But stealing my research? Why? Oh, don’t look at me that way. You know why! You knew when I started working on my heroine’s back story that I would realize she isn’t the same woman as the urban fantasy protagonist you’d been urging me to write about. You knew that when I cornered her for her story that I would realize it wasn’t “back story”, that it was more interesting than the infuriating drivel you’d urged me to plot back in July.

You tricked me! You promised me you’d only give me contemporary, paranormal, perhaps even futuristic plots. So, when I questioned Mary Reynolds…what did I find out? You knew full-well she was born in the early 1800’s and that she had a most incredible story to tell that would solve a great literary mystery.

So, now that you know I know, you can come back. Just fling those useless pages of research into the shredder as you slink back into my psyche. But just answer me this one question.

Is it really “historical” if it has zombie’s in it? And do not tell me to ask Jane Austen (hurrumph!)

Your servant,

Ericka Scott

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