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The end of summer…
Thursday, July 16th, 2009
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…well, of summer camp, anyway. My boys were signed up for 3 weeks of day-camp. I did some spectacular writing (and some equally spectacular goofing off and am now twittering and playing eggbreaker on Facebook) for those three weeks. Now, I’m back to my summer schedule, but with a twist.

My hubby went back East to take care of his father while his mom is hospitalized. I have to say he is my hero…he took two of the kids and left me with the quiet 5 yo boy. It’s been a great few days and is the first long-term one-on-one time I’ve spent with him in quite a while. Probably LONG overdue! We’ve been hanging out, heading off to a short soccer camp (with hot British guys!) and then swimming lessons. We’re eating whatever we want, when we want to, and just being goofs. Amazingly, I’ve also been able to get in my daily writing stint (500 words or more) in the morning before he gets up and then after he goes to bed at night.

But believe me, I’m still counting down the days until August 10th when school starts again, and the true “end of summer” begins.

Hope you have a fantabulous day!


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