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Something WICKED just won’t come…
Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
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Since I finished up my Tease Dark Tarot submission, Twilight’s Embrace, I’ve been trying to work on a full-length proposal – but have realized it needs a little more time to percolate.

So, what better than to tackle a WICKED submission or two for Cobblestone Press’s new line. I worked on one that seemed like a perfect fit and the next thing I knew, it turned into a highly complex serial killer story that needs a bit more thought to get the timeline to work.

I went back to a story idea I had several months ago. Again, it seemed like a short story when I conceived of it. After I’d plotted it out and started writing it, it turned into a rather spooky seductive suspense. More suspense than sex… and a heck of a lot longer than a short story.


Perhaps I’m just not cut out to write short erotica. Not too surprising, but a bit disappointing.

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