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Thursday, March 6th, 2008
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My hubby’s been out of town for a few days, and I’ve been “home alone” with the kids (picture me doing a Macauley Culkin scream). I’ve been getting up at 5 so that I could get a little work done before I have to get my daughter up and ready for school at 6:15. You’d think I could get a little something done? Nope…

Our baby is an early bird — and what’s worse, he’s one of those chipper, happy, energetic morning people (and only 3 years old, ack)! And in a family of nightowls, those mornings are painful, let me tell you. Yesterday, he was up at 4:19 (I sent him back to bed) then 5:30…this morning, it was 5:30 again. So, I barely got my e-mail read between yawns.

Thank goodness Mr. Scott gets home this evening…although not in time to put the kids to bed…but at least I won’t be getting up with our youngest tomorrow morning.

Is it Friday yet?

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