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Monday, January 7th, 2008

Well, Deanna Lee at Cobblestone Press threw down the gauntlet and I’m going to take up the challenge. Heck, I have to. I feel like I haven’t written anything in so long that if I don’t pick up a pen now, I might never pick it up again! Scary feeling.

So…I’ll keep you posted here and on the writer’s goals blog…

Now, I just have to see how Wicked I can write!

And in conjunction with the new line, there’s a contest for authors not published with Cobblestone Press yet!

Wicked Line
Length: 5 to 10k
Contest : January 2 – 19, 2008

Be wicked for us. We’re looking for short story erotica with a very high level of sexual content within five to ten thousand words. HEA or romantic content not required. First and third person accepted (male or female POV).

First place winner will receive a standard contract, first publication slot for the Wicked Line and $100.

Other entries will be considered for publication.

Contest open to all authors currently unpublished with Cobblestone Press, LLC.

We are interested in the following genres: contemporary, historical, paranormal, BDSM, multicultural, science fiction, and fantasy.

Absolutely no fan fiction, forced seduction, rape, purple prose, pedophilia, incest, bodily functions, snuff, bestiality, and necrophilia.

Submissions should be sent to:

So…what are you waiting for? Get writing….you have until the 19th!

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