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Octoberfest Week 2
Monday, October 8th, 2007
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You know what happens at parties, right? There are gifts and this party will be no exception. Stop by an author’s blog during thier week and comment and you’ll automatically be entered to win a copy of their Octoberfest title! Woot! And you’ll be able to read excerpts, some that may not be seen anywhere else.

So let’s get to the good stuff. We got off to an excellent start last week!

The winners of Octoberfest Week 1 were:

Shelli’s Winner: Bluecat

Sable Grey’s Winner: Iron Eyes

Ericka Scott’s Winner: Renee Lynn Scott

So from today October 8th to Friday, October 12th stop by their blogs and leave them a comment. The winners will be announced here on the CP Blog and on each authors blog.

October 8th to October 12th, 2007:

Minx Malone’s Blog
Prize: ebook copy of Hell Baby
All Helena plans for Halloween is to visit her father in Underworld. Instead she finds herself captured by the gatekeeper, Abaddon. He offers her a deal, her body for her freedom but can she convince Underworld’s fiercest Enforcer they can have more than three nights? With luck, maybe even forever?

Anna Leigh Keaton’s Blog
Prize: ebook copy of Chailali’s Curse
Brought together by the guiding hand of a matchmaking ghost, Christy and Mike face their inner demons and find solace in each other as lust blazes and hearts unite. But love and passion aren’t always enough to see them through the darkness of their pasts. They must find the courage to persevere.em>

Crystal Jordan’s Blog
Prize: ebook copy of Season of Change: Open Season
Leigh Granger is on the run from her violent past when she takes a job at Still Waters resort. A drunken one night stand ends her up in bed with her commanding new boss, Aidan Lassiter…and they accidentally marked each other as mates. When her vengeful ex-fiancé tracks her down, she bolts. Will Aidan let the best mistake he ever made slip through his fingers?em>

Check back here for some surprises and updates. The blog party invites will go out every Monday and the next one is scheduled on Monday, October 15th!

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