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Shrek is Staying Dry!
Sunday, August 12th, 2007
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Another non-writing related post to catch everyone up on my potty-training travails.

I know everyone has different ways of potty-training….I have to say that “neeked” is the way I had to go.

My oldest boy, 4, would always poop at nap. Even if we put undies on him. BUT if he went naked, he held it! So…he’s been sleeping bottomless for a few weeks and staying dry. We’ll start transitioning him to PJ bottoms in one more week.

As of yesterday, my “baby’s” new Shrek undies stayed cleaned and dry. He, too, has been running neeked during the day to learn control…and doing wonderful. He picked out his new Shrek boxer briefs and we’re on day two with no accidents so far! Yahoo!

As for the writing front…I finished the first round of edits for The Werewolf Whisperer on Wednesday. I also received and finished the first round of edits for Tinsel Time! And if you glance over to your right, you’ll see the cover for The Werewolf Whisperer! Also, check out myspace, I’ve got a video trailer for The WWW posted there~

And I’m picking apart the first “book” I wrote (34000 words of sheer dreck) and extracting one character and the main plot. I think I can work it into it’s own story by pitching all the ballast and writing a couple of new scenes.

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