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Happy Harry Potter Day! (or the sacrifices we make for our kids)
Saturday, July 21st, 2007
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Well, for all of you who picked up your copy of the last and final Harry Potter book, I say “happy reading”.

I’m jealous.

I stood in line for hours last night (but I was smart and took my Alphasmart and worked on my WIP sitting on the sidewalk outside the bookstore) and purchased a copy.
It was oh-so-tempting to stay up all night and read it. But, I didn’t.

Why? Well, because I had a 2-hour drive to get my daughter to the airport this morning. She had an 11:30 plane to catch to Florida to visit her bio dad for 3 weeks.
The kicker is…she took the book with her!!!

My daughter had better know how much I love her. Wah!

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