Ericka Scott

Tinsel Time Blurb
Thursday, July 5th, 2007
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Well — my “final” reader (i.e., Mr. Scott) is reading and marking up Tinsel Time. I plan on hitting the submit button as soon as I’ve incorporated his changes.

So…here’s a sneak peek. Enjoy!

How can an out-of work cop solve a cold case and keep the only living witness alive when he isn’t even sure she’s real?

Eighteen years ago, Tina “Tinsel” Christmas, escaped the clutches of a serial killer and was adopted by a most unlikely hero, Santa Claus. After Santa receives a death threat, Tinsel travels to New York to hire a sexy out-of-work cop as a body guard. Is it just a coincidence he is obsessed with the case? Or, can she learn to love and trust him…before it’s too late.

Noel Holiday’s been seeing things. Skeletons and witches on Halloween, werewolves at the full moon, pilgrims and Indians in Central Park on Thanksgiving. And now, a beautiful redhead driving a sleigh hires him to solve the notorious Santa Slayer killings. He’s on a collision course of love with this beautiful stranger while death lurks ever closer.

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