Ericka Scott

Tinsel Time
Thursday, June 28th, 2007

….nope, it’s not Christmas. At least not here in the high desert. In fact, we’re sweltering in heat, wind, and fire warnings.

But, for the last week, it’s been cold and snowy and Christmasy in New York. Which is where my contemporary romantic suspense, Tinsel Time, is set.

Now, when I started outlining and writing this story, it was supposed to be about the elves hiring a body guard for Santa, getting him to the North Pole, and then getting him in bed with my heroine, Tinsel. But, darn it all, no one cooperated. Not even Santa.

But, I’m really happy with the way the story turned out. Once I get it a bit more polished, I’ll post some teasers.

It was one of my days to go to the library today. I got in over 2000 words and typed THE END to the first draft. I’ve also been making lots of notes over the last week, so I now know what tweaks I need to make to the story to get it to gel from beginning to end. The only thing, I think I need to add a bit more sex. . . so there might be an additional scene under the tree on Christmas day (oh, la, la!)

I hope to have it polished up and submitted in time to start the BIAW challenge on Main Street at Cobblestone Press. It’s to be a story of ships passing in the night. . . then wham, bam, crash, boom. . . love. . .

And somewhere in there, I want to work in one more In The Cards proposal.

Hey Santa! I know what I want for Christmas this year~ 25 hours a day, or an extra day in the week, or a clone, or…

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