Ericka Scott

I went to work today. . .
Thursday, June 14th, 2007

This morning, I got up doing the happy dance. Why? Because at 9 am I was going to work.

Oh, not a job, per se. But for my birthday, my hubby gave me babysitting. I have four hours, two days a week, to leave the house, go somewhere, and write.

It was heavenly.

My first stop was the local coffee house to pick up a caramel frappachino. Yummy. I sipped it in the car as I drove to the beauty shop. I treated myself to a haircut and style. Now, I was ready! Next stop was the library. I returned the books I’d read, donated a couple from daughter’s room from when she cleaned, and then made my way to a study carrol at the back.

It was wonderful, quiet. . .well, until two girls stopped at a nearby table and began to study Romeo and Juliet out loud (okay, they mostly talked about boys). Then some of my neighbors stopped by to admire our new lawn (we had rocks and some landscaping installed earlier this week). Then, when checking out (hey I found a couple of books I hadn’t read yet), I ran into the “Storytime Crowd” who all wanted to know where the boys were, why I was there by myself, etc. Lots of questions from the under 5 year old crowd who just couldn’t believe I was there ‘working”.

And now, the really great part. . . I get to go back tomorrow.

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