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Thursday, March 15th, 2007
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It was either 13 Thursday or the Autosummarize trick everyone is talking about. Since we live in the age of instant gratification, I had to see if that autosummary really told the tale without having to read all 553 words from the first chapter. What do you think?

Postcards from the Dead.

Cassie felt defensive. Cassie hedged. Rosalie persisted. You told Kyle?” Cassie leaned across the table. “Drew pulled the annual Halloween ghost story assignment this year.” Drew narrowed his eyes at Marge. Kyle asked. Drew lifted a brow. “Pragmatic Kyle Clayton believes in ghosts?” Kyle visibly relaxed. “Everyone gets postcards.” Drew was interested now. “Cassie got a postcard from the guy. Drew sniggered. Drew rubbed his temples.

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