Ericka Scott

No Winner Here
Monday, December 18th, 2006
Filed under A Writer's Life

Well, my Christmas wish didn’t come true, but in the spirit of sportsmanship, I’d like to offer congratulations to Dan Stroschein, The Naughty List, for winning the Fast and Festive Fiction Contest at Echelon Press.

I’m shelving Mary’s Christmas List for this year, I’m planning on turning it into a much longer novella with a lot more character development and submitting it for next Christmas. . . I need to do some more research and am waiting on a book from the library that I’d ordered 2 weeks ago. Guess EVERYTHING slows down for the holidays.

Meanwhile, back to writing The Were Whisperer. . .I had hopes to have the first draft written before the holidays. . .guess we’ll see. . .

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