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Snow Update
Friday, December 8th, 2006
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Mammoth mountain has a snow update every morning during ski season — but I figure once every few weeks will be often enough to keep up with MY snow update.

I completed most of the snowflake for my novel. I skipped writing the story out in narrative form– I have trouble going from the narrative to scene structure. Instead, I hopped right into writing the first draft.

I’m almost 1/3 of the way in and I must admit, the snowflake method has been one of the easiest to implement and made the most sense to me as to how I plot/outline/write.

TWW (The Werewolf Whisperer) is turning out to be more of a suspense than a mystery, so I’ll be using Carolyn Wheat’s “How to Write Killer Fiction” to check the story arcs for a suspense/thriller.

I’m excited to get this finished and start polishing. I’ve been sending off chapters to my critique group. They’ve been asking some challenging questions but have been reaffirming that it’s working ~ so I’m happy about that.

Can’t wait to start writing tonight. I’ll be working on the “good” part~ the love scene between my hero/heroine!!

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