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The Story Behind The Story
Tuesday, November 21st, 2006
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Crystal Clear is a spicy romantic suspense.

Park Ling just met the woman of his dreams and didn’t even catch her name. Too bad, because now he suspects that she’s a serial killer’s next victim.

Park would never dream of poaching on another man’s girlfriend. So, when he meets the woman of his dreams in a Santa Clarissa sushi bar, he passes up the chance to even find out her name. It’s a situation he immediately regrets when he sees two dead women who resemble the woman he met. With an urgency Park hopes isn’t just raging hormones, he races to find her before the killer does.

Sexy psychic Serena Killian is a board-certified psychologist who threw away a six-figure salary to open a candle shop in Santa Clarissa. When her bank account took a nose dive, she began giving advice to her customers and found her calling as a life coach. Things are really looking up for Serena until she is hired by Tony Markham, a soap-opera star needing career advice. Unable to foresee Tony’s future, she has no trouble at all seeing her own death. Is the sexy stranger from her visions her lover or her killer?

I finished writing it earlier this week and have it out to my first reader. When the comments come back, I’ll incorporate them and hit the submit button.

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