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Did you miss me?
Monday, August 9th, 2010
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No, I didn’t run away. I simply went on vacation unknowingly encountering event after event that left me without internet connectivity. I have to say that after the first week of withdrawal, I actually began to enjoy the break. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy it enough to give it up altogether.

So, I’m back.

My entrance into cyberspace was greeted with a mass of e-mails, most of which weren’t very important. The ones that did need to be dealt with were the rejections from agents for Nevermore (sob) and the acceptance from L&L Dreamspell to publish it (Squee).

I’m also doing the happy dance as the kiddos went back to school today. Driving Teen is a junior this year and the boys are in first grade. According to The Husband, everyone was all smiles (even Driving Teen) and there appeared to be no first day jitters. For my part, the happy dance was tempered a bit by the fact that all this week is minimum days (sigh), but after having spent weeks on end, 24/7 with my offspring, I’m thrilled to have even a hour to myself. I took a walk, listened to a book, showered, and ate breakfast, all without interruptions. Now, if I could only get back into the swing of writing.

Before I left, I struggled to get a previous manuscript edited to the point where I could just pick it up and run with it. Or so I thought. This morning I opened the file, read the last chapter, and thought “Now what?”. Obviously my subconscious and muse were on vacation, too…I don’t think either of them have returned yet. So, I’m on my own with 100 words to write before 11:30 am. I think I can, I think I can….

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