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A Day Late and Somewhat Less Than A Dollar Short
Saturday, January 16th, 2010
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After the wango-tango of Wednesday, the rest of the week was smooth sailing…perhaps because I headed off to bed as soon as Drama Teen was tucked in (a little after 9 pm) and slept until the alarm went off with very little wakeful times in between. Mama is soooo much happier with a normal night’s sleep.

The ice cream truck, once again, skipped our neighborhood on Friday. He was out there blaring his annoying music on Thursday, so, I’ll be mixing things up a bit next week and letting the kids have ice cream a day early (assuming he comes…the weather is supposed to be dark, gloomy, and rainy all next week). Being as we live where there are two seasons…summer and SUMMER…I relish the rain and the clouds. Makes me a bit reminiscent for home (Illinois). But, just to be on the safe side, I watered the lawn today. That should induce Mother Nature to dump some H20 in our direction.

It’s a long weekend…the car I’ll be driving north for the workshop next weekend was serviced early this morning and the boys are down for an afternoon nap (which they desperately needed). Tomorrow, we may try to take a day trip to Placerita Canyon for some hiking before the weather changes.

I am soooo looking forward to next weekend and the Donald Maass workshop. I’m hoping to see some of the wonderful ladies I met at the All Writers All Weekend conference last year. It’s nice to network with people who “get it”. Plus, I really need the kick in the butt. One of my e-publishers contacted me to see what books I’d be delivering to them this year. As I am now in the throes of writing my third full-length novel, I haven’t been very focused on anything short/erotic. So, I grabbed a pen and a calendar this morning. If I can finish my zombie historical by the end of April, I could possibly write three or four novellas/short stories before the end of the year. So, I need to get cracking!

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