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Unrealistic Expectations
Monday, January 18th, 2010
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Back in the summer, when I was thinking about the freedom I’d have once the kids went back to school has now settled into the reality.

I had thought I’d have five full, productive days to write. I pictured myself sitting down at 8:30 and writing until noon or so. Ha. It was a lovely dream. The reality set in with a thump. Since the kids have gone back to school in August, I think I’ve only had one or two “full” weeks to write. Holidays, minimum days, sick days, and the endless round of IEP meetings for one of my sons has whittled away at my productivity. Yesterday, I wrote 6 words. Yep…but it was a Sunday. I thought I would have the opportunity to get out of the house and go somewhere quiet to write. My husband beat me to it and took the boys out…leaving me with Drama Teen. Yes, theoretically, we could leave Drama Teen alone. She’s sixteen and perfectly capable of sitting in front of the television and allowing her brain cells to wilt. Unfortunately, she doesn’t “want” to do it alone. I mentioned leaving for Panera Bread and she brightened and wanted to go with me. Um…the point is to “get away”… it’s not as if she would have anything to “do” there. The argument made sense to me, but not to her. In the end, it was easier to just stay home and get some busy work done. I backed up my files, finished a critique for a friend’s WIP (jj Keller…if you haven’t read her latest, Undercover Housewife, you are missing out. Do yourself a favor and hop over here and get a copy!)

I also got a first glance at my new website template. Frauke at CrocoDesigns rocks. There were just a couple of things I’d like fixed and then I’ll be able to unveil the design. I cannot wait!

If all the kidlets actually go to school tomorrow (please!), I’ll finally have a day to transport myself to Baltimore in 1849. My fingers are itching to get some words typed. Wednesday is a wash. An IEP late in the morning will throw a wrench into getting a lot of writing done. Thursday, I hope to have another full day and then Friday….oh, I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to Friday.

For at noon, my dear, darling, loveable husband is coming home from work early. I’m gonna throw my suitcase, my Alphasmart, a laptop, and my printed WIP into the car and start driving north. Not to Alaska…but to Sunnyvale. The Donald Maass workshop is on Saturday. I’m practically panting to “Put Fire in my Fiction”…getting away for almost two full days (Fri noon until Sunday at 4) and having to take care of only myself sounds heavenly.

And I comfort myself with the thought that just maybe for the rest of the year I can get more than two days a week to write….maybe….

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