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What You Need to Know about Publishing in 2011
Monday, January 24th, 2011
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Things, they are a changin’ (cue David Bowie’s song Changes).

It’s no secret that things in the publishing world as we know it is changing. E-book sales are on the rise, the smaller indie publishers who’ve been publishing e-books for a few years now already have a publishing/marketing strategy while the Big Six are scrambling to catch up. Brick and mortar bookstores are not only just endangered, but may be extinct within the next few years. As a new author (or even an established author looking for advice in this ever changing world we live in), where do you go to find out information? Unfortunately, I don’t have all the answers (or even a small percentage of them). But I know where to look.

I turn to a couple of sources. Bob Mayer is a NY Times Best-Selling author. He is a West Point graduate, served in the Infantry and Special Forces (Green Beret) commanding an A-Team and as a Special Forces operations officer, and was an instructor at Fort Bragg. He teaches Novel Writing, Warrior Writer and does keynote speeches. He’s knowledgeable, vocal, and ever willing to share information and opinions on his blog, Write It Forward.

J.A. Konrath, another bestselling author, used to give away a free e-book, The Newbie’s Guide to Publishing. Although the book is no longer free, it’s sold at a very reasonable price, $2.99, and contains a plethora of valuable information about publishing today.

Linda Houle who is co-owner of L&L Dreamspell Publishing Company has a book out, The Naked Truth about Book Publishing, that I feel is a must read for anyone thinking about having a book published in the near future.

Randy Ingermanson “The Snowflake Guy” sends out a monthly newsletter that covers it all…how to write the book, sell the book to an agent or publisher, and marketing strategies that work. He’s also an author and shares information he has on the state of publishing. Whereever you are on the road to publication, he probably has something in his newsletter, on his Advanced Fiction Writing website, or on his blog.

Investing in a subscription to Writer’s Digest, Publisher’s Marketplace, or joining a professional organization like Romance Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America, Sister’s In Crime, or International Thriller Writer’s, Inc. These organizations are dedicated to giving writers a step-up in their career and doing so by keeping their fingers of the pulse of publishing.

Still, if you don’t trust the word of those in the trenches, you can always go to the local fortune teller, consult tarot cards, or phone a “friend” at the psychic hot line of your choice.

Hopefully, you prefer to control your career and not leave it all to chance.

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