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Too True Tuesday
Tuesday, June 8th, 2010
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Essie, The Accidental Mommy, has once again thrown out the gauntlet. Her challenge is to sing it loud, sing it proud, sing the truth about your Shameful Procrastinations.

This week’s topic is…. what do you leave until the last minute?

Um, nothing.

At which point, I’m ducking because I’m sure many of you are shouting and throwing things at your monitor.

What sort of person am I that I don’t procrastinate? I’ll hedge, and say that I may not hop right on some disdainful task (like sock folding), it may stew for a day or two, but then I write it on my to-do-list and ta-da, it gets done (I love lists).

I probably have it in my genes to procrastinate. I’d love to…however, my ex-husband was a procrastinator extraordinaire. His entire life, and by association mine during the duration of our marriage, was lived in a state of emergency. Everything from getting to work on time, getting home on time, paying bills, making appointments, everything was put off until the very last minute. Things that should have been done or done right the first time were just ignored until they had to be done RIGHT.THAT.VERY.MINUTE. And I’ve give you one guess who ended up doing almost all of those tasks for him? Yep. Yours truly. I hated it. Once we divorced, my life evened out, became, might I say it, boring.

I love boring.

After a few years, I met Mr. Wonderful…who is a bit of a procrastinator, as I’m sure most people are. However, he mans up and pays the consequences of procrastinating. Love you, honey!

I will say that not being a procrastinator has another downfall…I’m not what you might call spontaneous. I have a plan, a schedule, and darn it all, I love to keep it. Juggling three kids is not conducive to schedules, which means I have much more stress in my life than I’d like — but nothing, no way, no how, like it was with the ex-. Thank you God.

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