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What a week…
Friday, September 25th, 2009
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This week started out innocuously enough on Monday, but by Tuesday, all heck had broken loose.

Kinderboy #2 fell while riding his bike on Monday night. I thought he’d just bent his nail back…ends up he jammed the digit and by the time he woke up on Tuesday, the base of his thumb was swollen and bruised. A trip to Urgent Care and 4 hours later determined that it really was just a jammed thumb. He was splinted and set free. We were supposed to come back this morning for a follow up…however his thumb is fine and I caught him taking the splint off in order to play his DS. I don’t want to waste my time or the Dr’s.

Sometime during the morning at Urgent Care I got a call from our “other” daughter. When my best friend died a few years ago, I stepped in as surrogate mother. We’ve tried to provide emotional and reasonable financial support when needed. Her call, informing us that her father had died unexpectedly, had us stepping up to the plate again. Clothing appropriate to a funeral had to be purchased and transportation to get her and her older sister to Arkansas for the funeral had to be arranged. I only wish I could be there to help out more, but I know she’ll get things taken care of for the estate and her younger sister.

To top off our trip to Urgent Care, I came home to a house full of foul-smelling smoke. Mr. Scott had boiled water for his coffee and then wandered off to work, leaving the water to burn. Melted the tea pot. Most concerning is that none of the fire alarms were shrieking! Batteries were changed and tested and we now have another weekend project…the family fire drill.

Wednesday, I needed to take Drama Teen to the doctor to get all of her prescriptions refilled. We also needed to buy a dress and a gift for her friend’s quincinera on Saturday. So, after the appointment, we had a little “girl” time. On Thursday, we got another surprise. The school has been using some new software to inform us of activities at the school. Well, they also give a weekly update on the student. I had tears in my eyes when the computer voice said “Pleasure to have in class” “Comes prepared to class” “Always pleasant and helpful”. Wow. As Drama Teen gets older, I’m really discovering that I like the glimpses of the woman she is to become that I see in her.

Kinderboy #1 has had a decent week. Lots of smiley faces from his school status report. Looks like he’s been saving his stubborn streak for us at home. I’m used to his selective hearing, arguments, and passive aggressive behavior and would much rather him be attentive and cooperative at school, so I can’t complain. And for all of his lacking fine motor skills, this is one little speed demon on his bike! He looks so cute flying up and down the street following all the ‘big’ kids on their cycles.

As for me, I’ve just been reacting to all of the things thrown my way (and seemingly at my head). A work-related decision that I’d been struggling with for a while now was made easier by one of those events. Once it’s all official, I’ll let you in on the changes in my life.

No soccer this weekend, as our little town has their annual Armed Forces Parade. I’ll be sitting in front of the gas station waving a flag.

Hope you have a great Friday and upcoming weekend!


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