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I’m back…I think…Yeah, yeah, I’m back…
Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009
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Wow….what a wild a woolly month it has been so far! It started out nicely enough — a trip to Disneyland to celebrate my birthday. We took the whole crew and had a blast. Did “The Happiest Place on Earth” and then California Adventure (where I’d never been before). Gotta love those California 2-Fer specials.

Then, I set off for my mom’s to help out with a medical issue and just to visit. Packed the laptop, backed up my files, and set off thinking I’d have a gay old time. Somehow I seemed to forget I was taking all the kids and no hubby to help. Also that my mother is something my husband calls a Luddite. She’s technologically challenged and quite a snob about it. So, no internet there…no Tivo…NO DVD player! Yikes. Thank goodness the laptop could play movies for the boys. The lack of internet access gave me a 2-week unintentional vacation. I was able to steal a little time at a local pizza parlor (Garcias Pizza in a Pan is the greatest pizza in the UNIVERSE) and scanned through my e-mail for the important stuff (contracts and cover art). But other than that, I was dead in the water.

But I must say, I kindof enjoyed the time away from it all. Even though I took a notebook, most of the time I spent in my head going over characters, motivation, goals, and plot points while my body was taking kids to the petting zoo, taking kids to the park, taking kids to the movies, taking kids to the McDonald’s playland… The benefit, I’m ready to tackle another book and I missed some of the RWA traditional versus e-publishing controversy. Unfortunately, I’ve been sucked in and have spent too much time scouring blogs and reading “all about it”. I must say that the most succinct and clear articles I’ve found are on Jackie Barbosa’s blog. Stop by and take a gander if you have a chance.

I’m finishing up wading through hundreds of e-mails. I still have about 20 that I need to address. But in betwixt and between I’ve been writing. I had every intention of completing a couple of shorts before I threw myself into another full-length. However, my muse had other plans. LOL.

Oh, and I got a simply gorgeous cover for my upcoming June release from Cobblestone Press. Lovely isn’t it?

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