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Sickness Strikes
Friday, May 8th, 2009
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Yep…early on Tuesday morning, we had the first inkling that things were on a downhill slide in our house. Kids who normally popped out of bed for school were moaning and saying they didn’t feel well. We did what normal parents do…we sent them to school anyway.

It’s now Friday and everyone but Mr. Scott and our eldest boy have succumbed. I spent the night on the sectional last night sitting in the recliner feeling as if I were onboard the Titanic…and if the roiling in my tummy didn’t stop, I wanted the boat to sink. NOW. Sigh.

I’m feeling a bit better (hence my post)…but I’m also reflecting on a conversation my hubby and I had recently. We’re fast approaching summer and I’m dreading having all the kids home, every day, day in-day out…yeah, you get the picture. Mr. Scott blithely volunteers to let me go back to work and he’ll stay home with the kids.

Not a chance. Now, I love my husband dearly…he’s definitely the man of my dreams. However, he has his faults: Dirty laundry seldom makes it to the hamper, and wrappers litter the cabinets when he’s snacking. And with everyone ill today, he wasn’t keeping a good enough eye on the not-sick child who entertained himself by endeavoring to open a warm can of soda all by himself. It’s now all over the floor …and don’t kid yourself, the floor will be sticky until I feel well enough to clean it up.

No, I’m not going back to work just to come home and work some more cleaning house of the mess he and the kids would create. Not a chance…especially with August 10th (first day of school for ALL my kids) lurking right around the corner…So, just keep dreaming Mr. Scott.

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